5 Industry Agnostic Use Cases for Mobile Messaging

As we enter a new year and you begin to plan your marketing strategy, it’s time to bring mobile messaging into the mix, if you haven’t already. Think that mobile messaging isn’t right for your company? Here are five ways you can integrate this strategy, no matter what industry you’re in.


Do you have a collection of questions that your service reps are continuously answering? What if you could automate those responses by having these answers ready to go, without the need to engage a live person? Using SMS messaging and a natural language processing bot, you can have all of your frequently asked questions answered quickly and easily via text message. No need to download apps or visit your website to find answers. Save time for both your customers and your agents.


Make sure that all of your customers are in the know by pushing announcements directly to their phone. Whether you’re announcing a new product, an event, or even company updates, your news is sure to be seen. Text messaging boasts the highest open and read rates of any digital medium. Ninety percent of SMS messages are read within three minutes, while only 20% of emails are ever opened.


Whether it’s an order confirmation or an appointment confirmation, let your customers know what to expect. Using a messaging platform can also provide them flexibility, allowing them to modify, change, or cancel with ease without requiring them to download an app. This creates satisfied customers that will come back again and again.

Customer Service

Let’s face it – a good customer service experience might get a few kudos, but a poor experience will haunt you for weeks or months after the encounter. Help get to the root of your customer’s issue in the messaging channel they prefer most by using SMS to triage the situation and then direct them to the representative that can best help them. Problem solved.


Want to know how you’re doing? The best way is to ask. About 67% of customers are willing to complete an online survey, if it takes less than ten minutes. Adding an incentive to complete a survey also boosts the completion rates. Keep it quick and easy by creating a simple survey that can be answered in a matter of minutes from anywhere.

There are many ways to use interactive messaging. Learn more about industry-specific use cases and take our Instant Apps for a test drive.

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