Personalized messaging at scale

Create. Integrate. Automate.

Chatbox is excited to launch its new integrated messaging ecosystem

Chatbox® is an integrated messaging ecosystem where businesses create and automate personalized, results-oriented conversations across texting, chat, and social channels.


Chatbox seamlessly connects six key technologies to deliver personalization at scale.



Build once and deploy to all the messaging channels your customers use



Use bots and Natural Language Processing for scale and 24/7 results


Instant Apps

Exchange rich, structured data in a secure app-like experience within your messaging flow



Connect to your CRM, data sources and APIs to surface the right data at the right time


Agent Tools

Switch from bot to agent and back with full message history and context



Robust analytics to measure, adjust and improve

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Instant Apps create instant results.

Instant Apps facilitate the dynamic exchange of rich, structured data within message streams while syncing in real-time to a company’s backend data sources.

Instant Apps can be delivered within any messaging channel, require no install or download, are easy to customize and deploy, are fully secure and encrypted, and provide a personalized user experience.

Built for Business

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Enterprise Grade Encryption

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Global Localization

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Robust API's

“The impact to our admissions process was instant and measurable. We saw an increase in conversion in less than a week, and the impact was so indisputable we cancelled testing and rolled it out globally.”

Edward Nevraumont, CMO/CRO, General Assembly

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