Three Questions to Help You Start Thinking About Your Mobile Messaging Strategy

Studies have shown that businesses that haven’t already implemented a mobile messaging strategy to interact with customers and prospects are likely thinking about it now.  If you are in this position, whether you are in customer service, sales, or marketing, you might be asking, “Where do I begin?”  As the VP of Client Services at Chatbox, I work with businesses on their messaging strategies every day. I have found that there are three key questions to ask yourself as you start to envision and plan your messaging strategy.

What are the business goals that you are hoping to achieve with your messaging strategy?  

The intent with this question is to help you begin your messaging journey by focusing on the end results that you desire.  Some answers to this question include:

  • Make my sales/marketing/customer service team more efficient
  • Drive more sales
  • Create more marketing qualified leads
  • Improve the customer/prospect experience with my company
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase up-sells and cross-sales
  • Deepen relationships with my customers

Once you have spent some time outlining your end goals, you can move on to question number two:

How will my messaging strategy help me meet my business goals?  

If your goal is to drive more sales, what are ways that you can use messaging to reach that goal?  Could your sales team engage more effectively with busy prospects using SMS? Do they spend too much time with leads that aren’t ready to buy? Does exchanging documents or structured data using traditional means like email and phone calls slow down the sales process? All of these issues can be helped with mobile messaging workflows.

  • An SMS solution that integrates directly with Salesforce. The sales team can engage in a text conversation with leads from within the Salesforce record. This, in turn, can drive more engagement as well as keep all messaging records in a single database.
  • A lead qualification form that can be delivered via SMS.  Segregate the most qualified leads from those that are not yet ready to buy.
  • Document and structured data exchange. Use text messaging to deliver an app-like experience for collecting forms, surveys and signatures. This will speed up processes that can be tedious and time consuming using traditional channels.

Once you have set your messaging goals and defined the strategy that supports those goals, you need to build your business case.

What does the ROI look like?  

While you may be bought-in to the benefits that a mobile messaging strategy can provide, your CFO may need more convincing. The best way to get an understanding of the results that you can expect to see is by testing.  Starting small with a single use case lets you limit your investment and commitment while allowing you to collect the data that you will need to help build the business case for a more wide-scale implementation.

Here at Chatbox, we are happy to help you think through your messaging strategy, create a test plan to show results, iterate to continually improve, and expand and grow based on your successes.  To speak with a Chatbox team member or get a peek at Chatbox in action, fill out this form, or call or text us at: 855-641-3831.

Kelli Clark has nearly 15 years of experience building and leading SaaS customer success and professional services teams that delight clients. After spending many years supporting SaaS AI solutions in the legal vertical, Kelli transitioned her focus to messaging platforms and conversational AI in 2016. As the VP of Client Services at Chatbox, Kelli assists clients with developing and deploying hyper-personalized messaging experiences at scale.

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