Chatbox Enterprise Messaging Platform Demo

Chatbox is a platform designed to drive efficient, hyper-personalized messaging experiences on the channels your customers already use.

In this video, we highlight the six key technologies crucial to a successful, scalable messaging experience and show you how easy it is to set up.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Phil Gordon, the founder and CEO of Chatbox. Chatbox is a messaging platform that gives businesses a way to create, integrate and automate hyper personalized experiences for today’s modern mobile customers. We combined six key technologies into one powerful platform.

Key Components of the Chatbox Text Messaging Platform

1. Omni-Channel

First Chatbox is omni-channel, that means that we can help you reach your customers on nearly every channel: SMS, Facebook Messenger, live chat and more.

2. Automation

Next, Chatbox natural language processing and bot capabilities give businesses the tools they need to scale and operate 24/7.

3. Instant Apps

The third of our key innovations we call instant apps. Instant apps are app like experiences that are delivered via messaging channels. Instant apps facilitate the real-time exchange of structured data like forms and checklists without requiring the customer to download and install a native app.

4. Integrations: CRMs and APIs

Forth, our integrations give companies the ability to connect back-end systems, CRMs and APIs enabling you to surface and sync data and information to your systems of record.

5. Agent Tools

Fifth our agent tools give you the ability to handoff conversations from the bot to an agent when that human touch is needed.

6. Analytics

And finally, we provide robust analytics to measure the usage and effectiveness of your messaging experiences. 

Now let’s see how all this fits together:

SMS Messaging Conversational Capabilities

Today’s modern mobile customers expect results-oriented experiences without having to leave the channels they already use. In this example I’m going to be using SMS on my cell phone shown on the right but the same experience can be delivered over Facebook, Live Chat or other channels.

With Chatbox you create messaging experiences one time and then deploy to the channel of your choice. To be able to operate at scale 24/7 you need some form of automation to handle common inquiries and initiate next steps.

As you can see here I have a conversation open with my bot. I’m going to go ahead and ask it a question: 

“Who is your CEO?” Yep and there’s the answer. 

SMS Messaging Conversational Capabilities Example

Bot Training

Training a bot is a simple and straightforward process. We’ve taken all the mystery out of it. You just click into the automation tab, go to the bot, and train a new phrase.

Here are all the phrases that I’ve trained the bot for. For example, I can say: 

“What’s the price?”

That’s going to pull from this intent, and you can see the bot will answer that we charge per monthly active user.

Bot Conversation Training

Chatbox simplifies the training of a bot. Here, let’s quickly train a new phrase:

“What hours are you open?”

Now, I need a few phrases that the customer might use to initiate this query: 

“What hours? Tell me your hours? What hours are you open?”

Or any of those variants. And now I just need to input the reply:

“We’re open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday” And then just hit save.

Bot Training new messaging conversation

Natural Language Processing

As you can see, this is an easy natural intuitive process and it just works. Now, let’s see it in action:

“Tell me when you were open”

As you can see this is not an exact match to any of the phrases that we trained, but our natural language processing is smart enough to understand the customers intent as gleaned from the training and it answers appropriately.

Natural Language Processing conversation example

What is a Chatbox Instant App?

Bots and natural language processing are great for exchanging messages, but sometimes you need to take the conversation to the next level. This is where Chatbox instant apps come into play.

Say you need a customer to fill out a form, go through a wizard or provide an e-signature or even send a payment. Instant apps get this done within your messaging flows, let me show you how.

Here I’m going to trigger the bot to send an instant app for a field service work order, believe it or not there are thousands of people in the United States whose job it is to count the number of soft drinks on display at the local grocery store. This instant app will collect the structured data that the business needs from those field service workers.

Here you can see within the messaging channel a clean interface with a preview image to initiate the process.

Instant App Messaging Channel preview

Instant apps are just that, they’re instant. They require no download and no install, and they work on 99% of the smartphones on the planet. This instant app will collect a photo of the endcap display, but instead, for this demo I’m just going to provide a nice little selfie.

Alright, there it is. And now I’ll give it a 4-star for cleanliness, and I’ll count my bottles, there were ten of those, six of those and twelve forty eight ounce bottles.

Instant App messaging channel preview

Now I’m going to sign confirm and submit, and as you can see the total number of bottles has been calculated and sent back to the bot. Even better, all of that data has been instantly synced to a Google spreadsheet.

Instant App messaging submitting order and spreadsheet

Instant apps give you the ability to insert rich app like experiences within the conversation to create an accurate and meaningful exchange of structured information. Best of all instant apps can be built literally within just a few minutes without requiring a developer.

How to Build a Chatbox Instant App

Let me show you how it’s done. Okay, we’re gonna build a brand new instant app. We could start from any of these templates, but instead let’s start from scratch.

Instant Apps Templates

The first step is giving the app a title, and then we create a preview image, just like you saw on my text channel. I’m going to drag and drop over a logo and title the preview.


On the right you can see what it’s going to look like when it’s sent to the customer. And now it’s time to add some elements. First I’ll add an image of the company logo by dragging and dropping it in.

Instant App personalization example

Next let’s add an input field, some radio buttons, a file uploader, a star rating for feedback, an image gallery to showcase our products, and finally a submit button along with our social media links. All that in just a few minutes.

Instant Apps different settings for personalizing messaging

Instant apps are dynamic. For example, let’s say I don’t want this upload element to show unless the user has selected option one. This can be done very simply. First I’m going to add a few more options to this radio button, and then I’m going to hide the upload element.

Instant Apps more options for text messaging personalization

Next I’m going to configure the radio button event, when this radio button has changed I’m going to perform an action and as you can see there are many dynamic actions available to instant app authors.

Instant App drag and drop elements

Here I’m going to make some elements visible, and now to perform this action all I need to do is drag and drop the upload element here. Now let’s go into test mode and make sure it all works.

Text Messaging Instant App created and tested

As you can see, there’s no upload section. Now I’ll select option 1 and there it appears. We now have a rich dynamic app, that was built in just a few minutes, that can be delivered within any messaging channels.

All of these elements can be styled to match your branding. Here I’m going to just go ahead and make the submit button bigger and stretch the entire width. And I can also change the images or add colors and borders as needed.

Messaging branding and styling options

Chatbox instant app system is incredibly dynamic and can be used in countless ways. Anything that you can do in a website you can do in an instant app but you can build it for a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the time.


Instant apps and indeed any data from your messaging experience can be easily integrated with all of your back-end data sources, CRMs and APIs. Chatbox provides first-class integrations with Salesforce, Oracle and many other CRMs. Additionally there are hooks and APIs that can be used to hook up just about any back-end system in existence.

Agent Tools

As smart as bots are, sometimes you need to escalate to a human to handle more complex issues. I’m going to click over to the agent tool tab and then ask the bot to transfer me to a human by typing the word agent in my phone.

This will signal to the bot that a real human is needed. And there I am on the agent screen, just click that message and instantly the agent has my entire definitive conversational history, including my responses to the instant app that I filled out earlier in the demo.

Switching the text messaging conversation to an Agent Tool

Everything is available for the agent to review so that you can pick up the conversation just where it left off and your customer never has to repeat themselves.

Agent Tool and Customer messaging back and forth

From here, as the agent, I can send messages back and forth to the customer. And I can even manually send a new instant app to the customer. Here is the demo in snap we made earlier, I’m going to send it to my cell phone.

Sending an Instan App to the customer via text message

And there is our app delivered into the same conversational Channel. I just click to open it and instantly I’m taken into this amazing app-like experience, including that dynamic upload field that we built.

Instant App delivered into conversational channel

Notice that as I’m changing the data in the instant app the agent can actually follow along in real-time.

Real time follow up of customer changing the data

Chatbox gives you the ability to seamlessly switch between conversations with a bot and an agent, collect structured data through an instant app, and then sync everything back to your database.

The Chatbox Messaging Platform makes it possible to deliver these personalized messaging experiences at scale.

Messaging Platform Analytics

Finally it’s important to measure the effectiveness of the messaging experiences you’re building on the Chatbox platform. For this just click into the analytics tab. From here we can see how well our messaging solution is working.

Text messaging platform Analytics

Today 128 messages have been sent and we can see a spike during the time I’ve been recording this video.

Text messaging platform analytics tracking messages sent

We can also go into the instant app and see all the ones that have been created. Here’s the one we just built, and now we can see that one has been built, sent and opened.

Text messaging platform analytics tracking apps built, sent and opened

Personalized Messaging Experiences for Business

As you’ve seen, Chatbox seamlessly weaves together the six key technologies that are required to deliver scalable hyper personalized messaging experiences. These experiences can be delivered through any channel such as SMS or Facebook Messenger.

We provide simple yet powerful automation through natural language processing. Our incredible instant apps can be built in just minutes and sent into any messaging channel for the capture of complex structured data.

We easily integrate with your APIs, CRMs and data sources. Our agent tools allow for escalations and transcript review. And finally, robust analytics help you measure the effectiveness of your solution.

That is the Chatbox platform. We look forward to helping you deliver a truly personalized messaging experience for your customers

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