the enterprise messaging platform

Chatbox® is the only platform to seamlessly connect the six technologies needed to deliver personalized messaging experiences at scale.


For Convenience

  • Reach customers on the messaging channels they already use
  • Build your customer flows once and deploy to any channel
  • Present a consistent brand identity and customer experience across all channels





For Scale

  • Automate key-word responses and trigger data-specific actions
  • Use AI (natural language processing and chatbots) to increase efficiency and operate 24/7
  • Free up your agents for more complicated tasks

Compatible with industry-leading bot engines


  Instant Apps

For Efficiency

  • Exchange rich, personalized, structured data within any conversational interface
  • Secure, app-like experience requiring no download or install
  • Great for forms, surveys, collecting signatures, instruction wizards, account updates, rich media, data verification, responsive options and more
  • Real-time, bi-directional data exchange
  • Can be auto-generated and auto-deployed

Instant Apps create instant results. Learn more here.




For Personalization

  • Connect CRM & backend systems to drive concentrated, data-rich interactions tailored specifically to the customer
  • Unlock 3rd party integrations to access new actions and tools
  • RESTful APIs for real-time, bi-directional data sync
  • Surface only the data you need, when you need it

 Agent Tools

For Escalation

  • Global view of all customer interactions in one place
  • Fluid transition between bots and agents, without loss of context enabling human intervention for more complex issues
  • Receive notifications, schedule new messages, create macros, and set auto-replies
  • Flexible routing algorithms



For Optimization

  • Robust, real-time analytics dashboard
  • Insight into channel, agent, automation, and integration activity
  • Monitor, measure, adjust, and improve

Access your data via Chatbox API to integrate your own analytics engine


Implement what you need, leverage what you have

Use each of our six integrated technologies or bring your own channel, bot, CRM, agent tool or analytics platform and we'll help you glue it all together within our integrated ecosystem.

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“Our suppliers respond to text. Moving most of our supplier communication to SMS with Chatbox boosted our efficiency by 55%.”

Ron Ouellette, President, COAST Workplace