SMS for Insurance: Happier customers are just a text message away

78% of consumers say that SMS texts are the best way for businesses to reach them.

Peace of mind one text message at a time

Connecting insurance agents and insurers with current and prospective customers to get quotes, sign up for policies, submit insurance claims and keep insurance policies up to date - it all starts with a simple text message. These examples show insurance policy quotes, updates and claim submissions–optimal use cases for Chatbox.

Insurance Quotes


Insurance Quotes

Getting an insurance quote should be quick and easy, but often can be impersonal. Delivering the quote via SMS rather than email or postal mail offers a way to review and initiate a policy that is fast and personal at the same time.

Insurance Policy Updates


Insurance Policy Updates

Life is in constant motion and many life events can result in the need for changes to insurance policies. Often, this means picking up the phone, but with the Chatbox enterprise messaging platform, updates can be done with just a few text messages.


Filing Claims


Filing Claims

Filing an insurance claim is often accompanied by the stress of damages, loss of personal property, personal harm and in extreme cases, the aftermath of a natural disaster. A phone call or mobile app may not even be possible. Chatbox SMS offers a messaging solution that both effective and efficient.


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Instant Apps = better customer data

Pre-populate Instant App forms with existing customer data.

Customize Instant Apps to collect the data you need in real-time--select from a variety of elements such as checklists, input fields, and multi-select drop downs to photo uploads and signatures.  

Automate data-entry and ensure accuracy by syncing fields to your backend systems.