Enterprise Messaging: What’s the Chatbox Approach?

Interview with Brad Epker by Nick Lamparelli, InsuranceNerds

AUTHOR: Brad Epker

Our team is back in Las Vegas this week to get our inner InsuranceNerd on at the Dig-In Analytics and AI conference at the ParkMGM, November 13 and 14. Chatbox is in booth K3 and serving up our 8 minute demo on the mainstage. Get to know how we approach enterprise messaging in this interview with Nick Lamparelli from InsuranceNerds

Interview Highlight: What does Chatbox do? 

Naturally, Nick thought that with the name Chatbox, we do chatbots. While yes, chatbots can be used, Chatbox is actually an enterprise messaging platform allowing insurance companies to communicate with customers via messaging solutions that include SMS texting, social messaging and workforce collaboration tools like Slack. 

Interview Highlight: Insurance Use Case – Natural Disasters

When hearing about us, Nick mentioned natural disasters, which is a great use case for Chatbox. Our platform has map-based options to geofence a particular area or set of areas where a natural disaster has occurred. An insurer can target customers in those areas with messaging to ask if services are needed. SMS is a particularly useful channel for this type of scenario.

Interview Highlight: Insurance Use Case – Claims

Submission and management of insurance claims via mobile is one of our most discussed use cases for Chatbox. What makes our messaging platform stand out are Instant Apps. Kicking off a request to submit a claim is the easy part, and many one-way bulk SMS senders can help with it. However, allowing customers to submit a claim from a highly configurable micro-application which feels like a seamless extension of the text message is what makes Chatbox so compelling. Via our APIs, data from the claim submission process can be routed back into the system of record and at the same time, claims servicing agents can have meaningful, informed discussions with customers when they need it most. Best of all, customers don’t need to download a mobile app! 

Final Thoughts

I had a great time being interviewed by Nick from InsuranceNerds. At the end, he even made me an honorary InsuranceNerd! He also asked about the future of text-based communication. My reply is that texting is the future. 

Brad Epker has over 30 years enterprise sales and sales management, with time split between Fortune 500 C+ sales experience and start-up sales and market development leadership. He received his MBA in Technology Management from the University of Washington and currently serves as Chatbox’s Chief Revenue Officer.

In addition, Brad has extensive experience within the Salesforce ecosystem helping companies maintain strong, profitable ISV partnerships. He joined Chatbox after watching traditional communication effectiveness plummet, while text messaging effectiveness continues to increase. Chatbox now brings this power and efficacy to business.

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