Mobile is the Best Place for Your CX Bet

Author: Phil Gordon

As a poker player, I have become a consummate student of human behavior. I’m not just talking about “tells” in body language or assessing someone’s propensity to make mistakes. It’s also about what motivates people in their daily lives, what goals and hopes they have for their futures, and what gives them satisfaction and purpose.

For decades, many brands thought business was simple. Make a good product that people need or want and sell a lot of it. However, as we’ve moved from an industrial age to an information age, repeat customers aren’t a given. They must be first earned, then nurtured, then re-earned again and again.

Successful brands realize they must tie into these motivations and goals and make long term investments in developing and maintaining customer relationships. The tools that make this process repeatable fall into the category of customer experience.

At Chatbox, one of our favorite mottos is “meet the customer where they live.” Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock can see that for many people, where they live is basically on their phones.

As someone who has spent more time on hold with banks, hotels, airlines, and naturally, my mobile provider than I care to mention, I saw the immense opportunity for a dramatically upgraded customer experience. With this as the goal, we conceived, built, and iterated on tools that leverage the prevalence of mobile devices and social messaging applications.

Ultimately, we wanted to help businesses improve their customer relationships through much easier engagement. Think: confirming contact and account information to rescheduling and rebooking stays and appointments or anything that should really only take a few mobile messages rather than an hour of hold and phone time.

Next month, we’re bringing our team to CCW Las Vegas to find companies that are looking to elevate their customer experiences, and most importantly, their customer relationships. And apparently many are looking to do just that, because according to Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Rick Parrish, CX is stuck in a serious funk and has been for years.

While I’m always happy to chat about my time as a professional poker player, I would enjoy having a conversation about some of the best places to place your CX bets. Our customers are getting a real and repeatable ROI with our platform.  Our software gives companies a way to easily build, operate, and automate personalized messaging experiences across SMS and social channels with little or no developer resources required. It is a game-changer.

Whatever your starting hand may look like now, adding the winning combination of our messaging and Instant App solutions can put some serious swagger in your customer experience step and coin in your pocket.  See it in action for yourself here.

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