From Zero to Salesforce Hero in 5 Minutes with Chatbox

As the undisputed king of CRM, Salesforce now tops the North American, Western European and Asia Pacific (including Japan) markets. While there are over 3,000 applications on the Salesforce AppExchange, many more than that can tie into Salesforce through non-native integrations. Chatbox® is one of them.

The Chatbox integrated messaging platform helps businesses deliver personalized customer experiences at scale across texting, chat and social messaging channels, and it can be installed in Salesforce in around 5 minutes. The video above shows an actual install (with mouse clicks and loading time removed). Don’t stress. There’s no sound except at the beginning and end.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t answer our phones or respond to emails. That is why Chatbox delivers functionality that can dramatically improve customer experiences by communicating through messaging.  This improvement is accomplished through the following Six Key technologies:

  • Omni-channel communication with customers on any messaging channel from SMS, live chat, and Facebook Messenger, to WeChat, LINE, RCS, Twitter, and others
  • Automation tools including Natural Language Processing, providing cost-effective 24/7 monitoring bots
  • Instant Apps are a unique capability and core differentiating feature, providing for the exchange of rich, structured data in a secure mobile app-like experience without requiring developer expertise
  • Bi-directional CRM integration surfacing the right information at the right time–just one of the limitless integrations available with Chatbox’s API first approach
  • Agent tools allow for the seamless transition between automation and human interactions with your customers
  • Robust analytics let you measure the efficiency of the solution in real-time

Help make your customers’ lives easier whether they are trying to do simple processes like  submitting claims, re-ordering products, signing forms or paying invoices, all within a quick text-based conversation. Now Chatbox will make your life easier too, because you can message your customers from within Salesforce, your favorite CRM.

You can see Chatbox in action by requesting a demo here.


Brad Epker has over 30 years enterprise sales and sales management, with time split between Fortune 500 C+ sales experience and start-up sales and market development leadership. Brad received his MBA in Technology Management from the University of Washington and currently serves as Chatbox’s Chief Revenue Officer. Brad has extensive experience within the Salesforce ecosystem helping companies maintain strong, profitable ISV partnerships. Brad joined Chatbox after watching customer traditional communication channel (phone and email) effectiveness plummet, while text and social messaging effectiveness continues to increase. Chatbox now brings this power and efficacy to business.

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Edward Nevraumont, CMO/CRO, General Assembly