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At 6’ 9”, Phil Gordon, the CEO of Chatbox, stands out in any crowd. It doesn’t hurt that Gordon, a former coder who made bank when his company Netsys Technologies was acquired by Cisco, became one of the poker world’s top talents, at the table and as ESPN top poker analyst. Along the way, Gordon started investing in startups, but when he stumbled on the idea of a messaging platform that would bring automated, personalized text messaging at scale to enterprises, he placed his bet on Chatbox, which has now become one of the leading integrated messaging platforms, bringing customer experience to new Gordonish heights.

This fall, just as Chatbox concluded a deal with Oracle to bring its new Instant Apps technology — a plug and play development platform to integrate photos, signatures, and other non-text data — into AI-powered Oracle Intelligent Chatbots, I sat down with Gordon and Marco Lafrentz, tyntec’s director of CPaaS solutions, to discuss how new technologies that connect to the evolving cloud communications ecosystem are helping innovators like Gordon change the future of customer experience. And that’s a very big idea…

Read the full article and Q & A with Phil Gordon at Medium.

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