Our Story

At Chatbox, we believe that digital messaging is the future of communication. Messaging will become the primary interface for just about everything: how we talk to friends, say hello to grandma, find a date, hail a cab, make a restaurant reservation, and much more.

We believe that people should be able to talk with any business like they do with their friends -- with SMS, social, and chat. Our vision is to make the entire experience of being a customer simpler and easier with messaging.

That's why we created a messaging platform for businesses and their customers.

Now businesses can use the power of messaging to delight customers and inspire loyalty. People want simple, mobile-friendly digital assistance whenever that makes sense, and they want the best in human assistance wherever that digital support isn't quite enough. The Chatbox platform makes a seamless transition from messaging to human, or from human to messaging possible with no loss of context. This saves businesses time and money while delivering a richer, more conversational experience -- just like talking with a friend. We're here to make those conversations possible.

Phil Gordon, Founder